Real Estate Pre-Shoot Checklist


o  Take down flags

o  Put hoses and other equipment away, organize patio/deck

o  Cut lawn and landscaping in good shape

o  Pick up pet waste, put away garbage bins, and generally clean up yard

o  Ensure all pool cleaning equipment is removed and the pool has been cleaned


o  All interior and exterior lights on, including floor lamps, table lamps, under-cabinet lighting, and other secondary light sources.

o  Ensure that all bulbs work. Replace any burnt out bulbs.


o  Remove all non-decorative items from counters. (Dish soaps, paper towels, phones, cleaning supplies, etc)

o  Remove magnets, photos, kids' artworks, etc. from the refrigerator.


o  Lower all toilet seats

o  Clear countertops of non-decorative items

o  Remove toiletries from bath/shower area. (curtains/door are often opened to show off tiling/fixtures)